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“Dance is the hidden language of the soul”

— Martha Graham


Applications for ​Dance are accepted in the following genres

  • Classical choreography (including excerpts from ballets)

  • Ballroom dance

  • Children choreography

  • Modern choreography (contemporary dance, jazz dance, etc.);

  • Folk/traditional dance (including ethnic dance)

  • Oriental dance (including belly dance)

  • Club dance (including salsa, bachata, tango, hustle merengue, Rueda, lindy, etc) 

  • Street dance (breakdance, hip-hop, techno, disco, house, jazz-funk, etc.);

  • Pop dance (sports dance, rock 'n' roll, synthesis of styles, etc.)

* Dances can be performed solo, in pairs, in groups or in any other appropriate setting, as necessary. The music to which the dance is performed can be live, including with piano or orchestra, recorded or midi.

Age categories

For groups with mixed-age participants, the age group of the majority of the participants will apply. For example, if there are 10 people in total, 6 Youth (13-21) and 4 Children (below 13) the category will be "YOUTH"


  • GRAND PACIFIC AWARD and cash prize (only one award across all categories and ages)

  • Outstanding | Platinum award and opportunity to perform at the Gala Concert

  • 1st prize  | Golden award and scholarship to attend masterclasses

  • 2nd prize | Silver award and invitation to attend the Gala Concert

  • 3rd prize  | Bronze award and invitation to attend the Gala Concert

  • Special Award for Teachers/Choreographers and certificates of recognition

General Rules

  • Incomplete applications (including failure to pay the application fee) will not be processed

  • Application fee is not refundable

  • Adjudicator's panel decision is final and cannot be appealed. A summary/commentary about performance from the panel can be provided upon request (please note these will be provided only in English)

  • Multiple winners can be chosen in each of the groups, except Grand Pacific Award

  • Participants agree and authorize the organizers to use their image for any publicity activity

Video Requirements

  1. Video recordings of a live performance (without editing, gluing frames, overlaying audio tracks,  mending/tampering with) are allowed for the competition

  2. Each performance has to be recorded as one video file

  3. Filming must be no more than 12 months old

  4. Recording should be a fair representation of the contestants' abilities but does not need to be of a professional quality

  5. The video recordings must show the hands, feet, and faces of the contestants.

  6. Performance recording has to be published/shared via YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, QQ etc., and has to be accessible for the adjudicator's panel

Evaluation Criteria

Your performance will be assessed based on the following general criteria. ​

  1. the technique of performance, sense of rhythm

  2. conveyance of musical material and choreography

  3. compositional construction of the piece

  4. scenic (costumes, props etc)

  5. artistry and demonstration of the artistic image

* The panel of adjudicators reserves the rights to include assessment of other criteria not mentioned above

How to apply

To apply for the competition participants must submit

  1. A completed online application form

  2. A video recording uploaded online

  3. A Resume / CV / Biography (optional)

  4. An application fee

  5. A photo/image of the particiant(s). In case of the group, a full image of all members in the group is preferred


  • Last day for submitting applications is on 30 April 2022

  • Winners will be announced on our website on 5 June 2022

  • Please note that the participant retains 100% of the recording rights

Our inclusivity policy

We welcome entries from participants with special needs and would like to be a platform of encouragement and inclusivity for all. We strongly believe that participants with special needs are creative, talented and unique - in their own way.

We believe that all children are equal and special. That no diagnosis is an obstacle to living happily, learn, develop and be talented. We want to provide opportunities and support to all persons with special needs so that their lives take on bright colors.

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